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Mazsālijas offer

Price: EUR 35 APPETIZER: - Fresh-salted trout bruschetta with golden caviar and chef-made Ricotta cheese; - Pickled beet tartare with chopped avocado, beet bread toasts, crumbled Sainte-Maure de Touraine cheese and mango sauce; -”Mazsālijas” rabbit liver pâté with rye bread toasts, Mascarpone - chive crème, handpicked chanterelles and caramelized onions. MAIN COURSE: - Rabbit fillet in red wine - berry sauce with Jerusalem artichoke mash, smoked carrots, pickled onion wedges and flamed Camembert; - ”Mazsālijas” trout with Manchego cheese potato croquet, herb-smoked parsnip wedges and Holland sauce; - Cauliflower circle with crispy cheese - spinach ravioli and creamy green sauce and Grana Padano cheese flakes. DESSERT: - Home-made Limoncello ice-cream with selected fruits in chocolate basket. Covered with Sainte-Maure de Touraine snow and waffle crumbs. Please try our wines from Italian, Spanish and French small wineries. Coffee lovers will appreciate coffee from Italy and France.